Grand River Reflexology Association

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)



Who can receive reflexology?
Anyone and everyone is a candidate for Reflexology.  No one is too young or too old, although we alter the length of the session and the pressure according to our client.

How long is a session?
For the most part, each session will last between 40-60 minutes. A session may be shorter for someone who is very ill or very young.

How many sessions will I need?
Of course that is up to the client but, if you know what you hope to accomplish, your reflexology practitioner will make a recommendation based on your medical history and on your stated goals. Keep in mind that one cannot evaluate the effectiveness of reflexology in fewer than 5 to 7 treatments. After receiving an initial round of treatments you will have an inkling of what reflexology can do for you. We are trained to provide treatment for a full range of client needs from pampering to palliative care, for people whose feet hurt and for those who want to find a natural, drug-free way to manage their stressful lives.

Will my insurance plan cover reflexology?
Many companies/employers allow a certain amount of money ($300 – $500) per year for complimentary modality treatments. Sometimes these modalities are named specifically, and sometimes you are allowed to make the choice yourself. We suggest that all of our clients ask their insurance companies to cover reflexology and hope that they will soon realize how important it can be to general well-being. Reflexology is one means to maintain a healthy, balanced body and thereby is less expensive than dealing with poor health.

What does a treatment cost?
The cost of a reflexology session varies from one practitioner to another. It is best to contact a certified or registered (RRPr) Grand River Reflexologist (you can find one in our FIND A REFLEXOLOGIST link) scroll down, search in your desired area and ask them directly about their fees. Generally speaking, however, the cost will likely range between $40 – $100. (varying factors dictate fees)