Grand River Reflexology Association

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The best resource to find a Professional Reflexology Practitioner. We can refer you to many reliable reflexologists in the Grand River area with many communities to choose from!


GRRA Members 10th
Anniversary gathering,

Our GRRA members are all certified reflexology practitioners. In addition, most of our

members are registered with the Reflexology Registration Council of Ontario (RRCO), are insured,
and many members have advanced reflexology training!  Please feel free to call a reflexologist in your
area and ask about their individual profile, etc.


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Mariko Ogasawara, RRPr                   519-634-8935               
Dale Wombwell, RRPr                        519-213-4779                    
Reflexology Training Essentials:                                      

Matilde Chatham, RRPr                       519-241-2315                       

Myra Klaassen, RRPr                          519-740-1895                       

Natalie Vinson, RRPr                                                                 

Ann Snyder, RRPr                              519-650-1020                                      
Margaret Bell, RRPr 705-427-7202                                                 
Haelen School for the Creative & Healing Arts Inc.
Nadine Norman, RRPr                      226-820-5118                         
Nadine’s Soleful Touch

Wendy Robertson, RRPr                  519-400-1304                            

Donna Smith Holst, RRPr                 519-822-4353               
Footloose Reflex Ion Cleansing Therapies

Annie Wiese, RRPr                          519-830-1129
A Wiese Therapy                                                                             
Ana Franolic, RRPr                          519-502-5354          

Sandra Lachance                             519-748-4665                                
Carolyn Sayles, RRPr                      519-632-604                                 
Heel’n Hand
Lorri Zimmerman, RRPr                 519-781-6996                        
Patricia Gooch, RRPr                      519-271-0455                                
Wasaga Beach
Margaret Trafford, RRPr                  519-574-4721                                 
Ruth Atkinson, RRPr                        519-742-7678                        

Pat Ball, RRPr                                  519-747-2831                                  

Rafaela Gollek, RRPr                        226-989-1090                                                                                                       

Stephanie Keleher, RRPr                   226-868-5737                             

Ewa Klimczak, RRPr                        519-589-7258                              

Mary Jac Tell, RRPr                          519-885-6254